YOU matter to us


If you are new to Chiropractic or have tried Chiropractic before, we want your first visit with Kehoe Family Chiropractic to be the BEST visit you have ever had with any healthcare professional.

What to Expect

Upon arrival at your appointment time, you will always be welcomed with a smile and a tour of our office.  This will get you acquainted with the location of the restroom, where you can get complimentary reverse osmosis filtered water and other amenities.

Your tour will end in the cozy New Patient Room.  A room specifically dedicated for you on your first visit.  If you have already completed your paperwork at home, great!  If not, after doing so, your doctor will greet you to discuss your current health status and your health goals.  If your chiropractic appointment is for your child; no worries.  We cater to families and have activities to occupy children of all ages while you discuss your child’s health status with their chiropractor.  After it has been determined that you are indeed a candidate for care in our office, your chiropractic exam will begin.