Dr Gonstead
Dr. Clarence Gonstead

Dr. Clarence Gonstead was born in Willow Lake, South Dakota on July 23, 1893, the son of Carl and Sarah Gonstead. He grew up on a dairy farm and was mechanically talented at repairing farm equipment. He later went to trade school. It was then when he became debilitated with an episode of Rheumatoid. He became bedridden and unable to go to school, no medical therapies would help. University doctors would visit him at his house and he was having no success with their medical treatments.

After several weeks of being crippled and unable to walk his aunt proclaimed he was to see her doctor.

“ Now you’ve fooled around with those [medical] doctors long enough. I’m going to call in my doctor.”

His mother then took Clarence to his aunt’s chiropractor, J.B. Olson. After several adjustments, Clarence was back on his feet. This event would not only change Clarence’s life but would change the face of chiropractic forever.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1923 and opened his first office above the bank building in downtown Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.    In the early years of practice, Dr. Gonstead became very interested in  the vertebral disc and the mechanics of the spine.  His ever expanding knowledge of caring for patients with specific chiropractic adjustments is what made Dr. Gonstead so successful at helping people regain their health.   With only a small reception area, patients often overflowed into the street outside.  He became so busy he would often stay late to adjust patients until 2:30 am.

His success grew and word spread to other Doctors of Chiropractic.  They wanted to know what it was Dr. Gonstead was doing to make people travel from Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois, Michigan and eventually world-wide to be adjusted by him.  With much hesitation, due to the demands of his own practice, Gonstead knew he could help even more people by teaching other doctors what he had been developing.

The Gonstead System of Chiropractic

In 1964, during his extended practice to include a teaching facility, where he developed and perfected the Gonstead system of chiropractic, which is still taught today at the most prestigious Chiropractic Colleges.   Many doctors then and now attend the Gonstead Seminars, which were started by Dr. Gonstead to teach his system of specific adjusting to other chiropractors.

In 1978 Gonstead died at the age of 80. He had practiced for 6 1/5 days a week for 55 years.  It was estimated he adjusted and facilitated the recovery of health of over 2 million people from around the globe.

“Reposition the vertebra to take pressure off of the nerve and you will get sick people well.”  Dr. Clarence Gonstead.

Brian and Denise Drs - Kehoe Family

Drs. Brian and Denise have attended numerous Gonstead seminars and been mentored by doctors who practiced directly with Dr. Gonstead.