Boost your Health Naturally

What you put into your body is crucial to your recovery.  Good nutrition will also help you achieving optimal health and performance no matter what your age.

At Kehoe Family Chiropractic we offer nutritional advice, at NO ADDITIONAL COST, to all practice members as a part of your new patient orientation.  Your chiropractor will recommend specific nutritional support, based on your current diet, lifestyle, current health status, desired health goals and findings from your x-ray report.  (Yes, your bones tell a lot about your health.)

Supplementation Tailored to Your Needs

What you eat is important but it can be difficult to eat all the nutrients your body requires every day.  Supplements help bridge the gap between what you do eat and what you should. The supplements recommended to you by your chiropractor will be based on your individual needs and will support you during your recovery and the maintenance of optimal health.  Supplements can also help prevent specific diseases or conditions that you may be susceptible to or have early markers for.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Not always is the most expensive supplement the best, but almost always is the cheapest the worst.  The supplements recommended to you have been selectively chosen by the doctors at  Kehoe Family Chiropractic for their  high quality assurance and superior standards of manufacturing practices.   These are the same supplements routinely taking by the doctors and their children.  What’s even better is Kehoe Family Chiropractic has the wholesale buying power to offer supplements from fish oil to probiotics at affordable prices.  Picking up supplements on a routine visit to your chiropractor makes it convenient and cost effective for practice member to achieve and maintain better nutrition for optimal health and disease prevention.

We don’t just treat symptoms.
We care for the whole person.