Lab Work

Blood work can help direct your lifestyle choices for better health.

Did you know that Doctors of Chiropractic can order and interpret diagnostic blood work and other lab tests?  There are times when diagnostic blood work becomes a necessary and valuable tool for your chiropractor to assess your overall health and investigate possible underlying conditions that may be related to the reason you came in for care.

Reasons to have Diagnostic blood work done

At Kehoe Family Chiropractic we are interested in taking a whole person approach to your health care; not just treat your symptoms.  We don’t request diagnostic blood work on everyone but some of the reasons for ordering blood work are to assess nutrient deficiencies, thyroid function, arthritis and inflammation. Due to the relationship we have with our practice members and the frequency of visits, we are often the first to detect a health concern and can address the problem with a conservative approach or refer you to another healthcare professional.

Blood analysis

Blood work can help direct your lifestyle choices for better health.

If an abnormality is detected in your blood work we can provide you with many options for addressing the problem.  Our practice members appreciate the option of addressing their health concerns using a conservative approach which often includes whole food supplements or herbs and guidance with lifestyle changes that are designed to restore health and not just mask symptoms.  We also refer to other healthcare professionals when alternate methods of care are needed.

Have blood work that was ordered by your medical provider that you would like your chiropractor to see?  No problem.  Have it faxed, emailed or provide us with a copy.  Your chiropractor will discuss your results and the options available to you if there is a concern you need to address.  The chiropractors at Kehoe Family Chiropractic want to gather as much information about your health as possible, so they can work with you, to help you regain your health and/or protect the good health you have worked so hard to achieve.