Take an active part in your recovery

Rehabilitation exercises and stretches are an important part of your overall recovery.  Exercises and stretching help restore your strength, improve your range of motion and extend your endurance. Your doctor of chiropractic will design a series of custom exercises and/or stretches to help restore you to your pre-injury status or beyond and help prevent future injuries.

Well Timed and Custom Designed

The chiropractors at Kehoe Family Chiropractic have seen back problems worsen with ill- timed and improper exercises and stretches.  During your care your chiropractor will closely monitor your progress and recommend specific exercises at an appropriate stage of your spinal progress.   These exercises and/or stretches will be tailored to your current spinal condition, fitness level, flexibility and health goals.

When you are able, your chiropractor will provide you with custom designed, crystal-clear, fully narrated exercise videos that can be viewed from your smartphone or computer.  Not everyone loves exercising or going to a gym.  Kehoe Family Chiropractic makes exercising convenient, easy and fun so you can hold your adjustment longer and reduce your risk of re-injury.

Problems with the spine

Ill-timed or inappropriate exercises can worsen your spinal health.

Bridge with Toes off the Floor

Prone Superman Pose

Hamstring stretch standing

Movement is easier when you are well aligned

Whether you are recovering from an acute injury, dealing with a chronic condition or simply looking to prevent spinal problems in the future, custom spinal exercises allow you to take an active part of your recovery and/or the maintenance of your already robust spinal health.

Movement Preserves Vitality