Dr. Denise Kehoe DC

Kehoe Family


Dr. Denise is passionate about assisting families on their journey to living a life of optimal physical and mental wellbeing with Gonstead Chiropractic care. She writes for HEALth News and operates the food blog CHIRO KITCHEN.  She has had two homebirth’s and can speak first-hand about the trials and triumphs of raising healthy children in a world full of un-healthy choices.

When she is not working with practice members, Dr. Denise can be found outdoors.  She loves the Florida heat but enjoys travelling to destinations where she can hike Mountains with her family.  She loves to cook, bake and enjoys reading health research.   When time permits, she loves to build things.

“One of the biggest rewards of being a Chiropractor, is not just helping families feel better but supporting them in their journey to be healthier.”