The Nervoscope:  “What’s that instrument you use?”

           Helps detect Subluxations

             Measures temperature differences along the spine

             Monitors a patients progress

The nervoscope is an instrument that helps doctors find the subluxation.  The Nervoscope works like a thermometer because it measures temperature.  Since there are two “thermometers” on the nervoscope it measures the temperature difference between one side of your spine and  the other.  When you are suffering from a subluxation, your nervous system is interfered with, resulting in altered blood flow to the blood vessels in your skin.  This change in blood flow results in a difference in temperature, giving the chiropractor a reading on their nervoscope.

As you know, the absence or presence of pain is not a good indicator of health.  Tooth decay, heart disease and glaucoma have no pain associated with them, yet, we know a disease process is occurring.  The nervoscope is an invaluable tool that helps the doctor of chiropractic to determine how a patient is improving. 

Nervo-Scope® ETS-6What is Gonstead?

Gonstead is a specific, scientifically sound chiropractic technique named after it’s creator, Dr. Clarence Gonstead.  The Gonstead technique allows the doctor of chiropractic to care for every patient,  from  the day old infant, to the oldest geriatric patient and everyone in between.

The Gonstead technique is not a technique that “manipulates” the spine from top to bottom in hopes of a miraculous recovery.  Instead, Gonstead practitioners pride themselves on their meticulous analysis of the spine.  The best way to predict a patient’s progress is to find and adjust only the bones causing the problems and leave the rest alone.  





Dr. Brian & Dr. Denise are experienced Gonstead practitioners and 
use the Gonstead technique exclusively in their office.  Text Box: The Gonstead System involves a complete analysis of  the patient, and based on all the information acquired, the chiropractor will decide what corrective steps are needed. The Gonstead technique’s scientific exactness and non-traumatic effect on the patient, combine to effectively relieve pain and symptoms of subluxations and allow patients to regain optimal health. 
Rectangular Callout: Text Box:  Gonstead represents the ultimate standard in "hands on" spinal adjusting 	and remains the leader in chiropractic techniques. Adhering to the 	definition of true chiropractic as defined by D. D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic in 1895, Dr. Gonstead found there was no substitute or better method for analyzing or correcting spinal misalignments than with a pair of skilled chiropractic hands. This remains true today. 
Oval: Choose your Chiropractor on the quality of care they deliver, to get you healthy and keep you healthy.

Would you visit a dentist with a single cavity,

and leave with a mouth full of fillings? 

Probably not. 

Choose a chiropractor that spends the time to take care of you specifically!





Doesn’t every chiropractor do

the same thing?

The Gonstead System is Customized to Your Spine

The X-ray:  “I have X-rays already, can’t you use them?”

           Gonstead Chiropractors use true full-spine x-rays

             Full-spine x-rays are the blue print to your spine

             Full-spine x-rays give your chiropractor the best picture to deliver a specific adjustment.

The x-ray of  your spine will give the chiropractor a good indication as to how long your problem has been there and how best to go about adjusting it. If you have x-rays from a medical office, hospital or even another chiropractor’s office,  you likely have x-rays that were taken for different reasons.  These x-rays they may not provide your Gonstead doctor with the essential information they need. A Gonstead practitioner takes an x-ray called the full spine x-ray.  He/She will take two pictures of your entire spine; one from the front and one from the side, while you are standing or weight bearing. The information on these x-rays will be used on every visit to give you customized care.     

Your spine does not work in sections, nor do you move about in a lying position.  Your spine is one single entity with many moving, and interconnected parts. When your neck hurts, it affects all areas of your spine, even your low-back.  You can probably recall a past injury and remember how it affected the way your entire body moved.  Therefore, it is important for the Gonstead practitioner to look at your spine as one unified structure.

Gowns:  “Your gowns are a refreshing change to the paper-thin ones.”

         Comfortable, cloth gowns allow your doctor to see your spine.

             Gowns ensure your adequate detections and diagnosis

             No guessing when it comes to your spinal health.

The Gonstead chiropractor is always specific in finding and fixing your subluxations.  In order to be specific, they use the nervoscope, which is run directly down the skin on your back.  Additionally, they feel around the bones for swelling and loss of movement and look for any skin changes. They couldn’t do all this if your spine wasn’t visible to them.   Since doctors of chiropractic are doctors of the spine and nervous system it is important that they see and feel your spine on each and every visit.


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