Vaccine SafetyQuestions every parent should ask

1.         Will vaccines make my child healthier?


Research reveals that non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.  Rates of allergies, asthma and even cancers like leukemia and brain tumors are higher in children who have been vaccinated. 1,2


2. Will vaccines protect my child my child against life threatening diseases?


The death rate from mumps and petrussis (whooping cough) had decreased over 90% BEFORE widespread vaccination.  The measles death rate decreased nearly 98% before vaccines. Diseases for which no vaccine were introduced, such as scarlet fever and typhoid fever, were almost completely eliminated. 3 Many of these decreases can be attributed to improved sanitation and clean, running water. According to Robert Mendelsohn, MD: “ There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease…” 4 In fact, outbreaks have occurred in populations that were 100% vaccinated from the disease.


3. Do vaccines contain toxic ingredients that are dangerous to my child?


In addition to live and killed bacteria/viruses, vaccines contain some lethal poisons like formaldehyde, mercury; aluminum; phenol (carbolic acid), borax (ant killer); ethylene glycol (antifreeze); dye; acetone (nail polish remover); latex; MSG; genetically modified yeast, human fetal cells; monkey, cow, sheep, pig and dog tissues; antibiotics; animal, bacterial and viral DNA. 


Before you vaccinate, you should be aware of the potential harmful effects of vaccine ingredients.  To truly make an educated decision, one should way the consequences of such a reaction to the supposed benefits.


Visit the World Association for Vaccine Education to read product inserts for vaccines and the effects of vaccine ingredients. 


4. I have heard Medical doctors say that vaccines do not cause Autism.  Is this true?


On November 9, 2007 the US government in Court of Federal Claims admitted that vaccines can cause autism. This follows years of thousands of parents reporting their normal, healthy children descended into autism after receiving DPT, MMR or other vaccines.  Medical researcher Harris Coulter, PhD Reports:  “ Between 15-20% of American school children are considered learning disabled with brain dysfunction directly caused by vaccines.”   Vaccination is creating a generation of neurologically damaged children. 


Vaccines do cause harm.  This is why there is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  It is estimated that billions of dollars have been released to those injured by vaccines.  The amount of compensation and the severity of injury caused by vaccines are forbidden to be disclosed under the conditions of the compensation program.  The program is funded by a tax placed on vaccines.  Each year the taxes on vaccines have gone up. 


5. If vaccines are so dangerous why would Medical Doctors give them? 


Medical schools teach vaccines are safe and effective despite no concrete scientific evidence to prove vaccine safety.   There is also financial incentives for Medical Doctors to vaccinate their patients.  With HMO doctor contracts, physicians are offered end-of-year bonuses for practices without un-vaccinated patients.  Although medical doctors make very little from administering vaccines themselves they do make money from the examinations performed at these “wellness” check-ups.  A child receiving vaccines may visit the medical doctor at least 8 times more than a child not being vaccinated.  Financially the difference is significant. 


You may find it hard to believe that some doctors would be motivated by finances instead of the patients best interest.  Recently the cost of vaccines have risen and the reimbursement to doctors has decreased.  Under some insurance contracts, delivering vaccines may actually cost doctors money.  As a result, some doctors are dropping these vaccines from their services.  This makes you question, is the patient’s best interest directing the doctor’s practices or is it financial incentive? 




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