Kids and Chiropractic

You do so many things to ensure the health and

safety of your child.  You make sure they eat a

diet  rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid excess sugar,

encourage an active lifestyle, but have you had their

spine checked for Subluxations?


The Chiropractic Lifestyle is about prevention. Chiropractic care for infants is about monitoring or detecting and correcting small problems in the spine, before they develop into symptoms that debilitate your child’s health. 


With the birth process becoming more and more of an intervening “medical procedure”, the chiropractic check-up at infancy becomes

even more crucial to your child’s future health.




The birth process isn’t the only way your child can experience

trauma to their nervous system.

The simple process of changing a diaper, can put unwanted strain on the spine and pelvis of an infant.  As they get a little older, children begin to crawl and then progressively they learn to walk.  During this time they bump into things and are repeatedly falling on their bottoms.  This too traumatizes the spine.  Then when they get a little older, they play sports and run around at recess swinging and sliding on equipment.




Our children deserve to be treated naturally,

not with dangerous drugs, chemicals and unproven surgeries.







Chiropractic is a safe, natural and effective means to a healthier life for the entire family. 

Text Box: My child doesn’t have back or neck pain, 
so why do they need a chiropractor?

In addition to improved physical health, chiropractic care is known to improve a child’s behavior and emotional health.

More and more families are finding that periodic chiropractic spinal check-ups for their children make a big difference in their health.

Many times Subluxations are silent or symptom -free.  Perhaps your first subluxation occurred during your childhood and the pain and suffering you are experiencing could have all been prevented?  A chiropractic exam is a simple, painless way to give your child the best chance at a healthy, productive future. 

Text Box: If your child suffers from any of the following common conditions, it is essential to have their spine checked for subluxations.  Blocked, or altered nerve impulses can cause no symptoms or a variety of symptoms.  

	Vision problems	Skin conditions	Sinus infections	Weakness or fatigue
	Ear infections		Constipation		Colic			Poor Posture
	Asthma/Wheezing	Bed-Wetting		Allergies		Sore throat
	Repeated infections	Stomach upset		Poor concentration	Scoliosis 			
	Toe walking 		Pigeon toed		Irritability		Breast-feeding troubles

Spinal cord and brainstem injuries often occur during the process of birth, but frequently escape diagnosis.  In infants there may be lasting neurological defects reflecting the primary injury. 

Towbin A, Develop Med Child Neurology 1969; 11:54-68.

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Baby getting adjusted.