There is a lot of compelling evidence that suggests there is a relationship between aluminum exposure and an increased risk of Alzheimerís Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinsonís and ALS (Lou Gehrigís disease.).† Aluminum can invade the brain rather readily and patients with dementia and Alzheimerís disease have an accumulation of aluminum and iron in certain portions of the brain that are affected by Alzheimerís.†† While there is no definitive study that proves this link, there are many that give us reason to avoid aluminum exposure.


In one study, 88 counties in England and Wales were examined for incidences of Alzheimerís disease and their relationship to various levels of aluminum exposure.† Researchers found that areas with the highest aluminum in their water, had an 1.5 increase incidence of the memory robbing disease.


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Aluminum Consumption Increases your Risk of

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†††††††† Tips for Reducing your Aluminum Exposure:


Avoid antiperspirants that contain aluminum. There are safer, natural alternatives that work really well at reducing odor, without any health dangers seen in your typical antiperspirants.

Vaccines contain aluminum. Educate yourself on the safety and effectiveness of them. A two-month old baby can receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their vaccines -- 50 times higher than safety levels!

Steer clear of medications that contain aluminum like antacids, Mylanta and Maalox.

If you drink soda, buy it in bottles instead.

Donít use canned food that has been in your pantry for years.

Canned food has an interior coating protecting the food from aluminum exposure, however overtime this breaks down.

Donít use aluminum cookware or utensils.† Use stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic instead.

Never cover your food with aluminum foil, if it will come into contact with the food.

Use parchment or wax paper instead.

Never drink unfiltered tap water.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Tap water contains aluminum contaminants.

Drink beer from bottle instead of a keg.

Kegs are aluminum, and beer is naturally acidic, which can dissolve the lining of the keg increasing you†††† exposure to aluminum.


Another study involving 2,792 subjects found that elderly populations, who drank water with aluminum exposure higher than 0.1 mg/l, had† 4.5x higher incidences of Alzheimerís Disease.† Most drinking water will test somewhere between 0.01mg/L Ė 0.15 mg/L.† Some of their water tested as high a 0.4 mg/l.


Several studies have also suggested that low levels of magnesium and calcium intake make us more susceptible to Aluminum toxicity.† This is especially concerning since most Americans donít eat enough vegetables, which are a major source of minerals like magnesium and calcium.


Health experts have also shown a concern for the link between aluminum exposure and an increased risk of other neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and† Parkinsonís Disease.


If something is proven toxic to the body, there may be no safe levels of exposure; therefore all must be avoided. The difficult part is knowing where they lurk.

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